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Toggle navigation Polycount. Author: delaneveart. Mar Personally I would have put Wolverine as 1 for worst screenplay. Great actors and characters but CRAP screenplay.

Trans2 was just like Trans1 but with random dog and robot humping. Im a big sucker for huge over the top action films and will admit that I liked Transformers 2, star great expectations dating scottsdale, watchmen and avatar but things like this make me think I have no taste in films lol. And then theres people out there who name 'where the wild things are' whatsapp dating group links for whatsapp groups in nigeria the best movie of 09, what the dating chinese boyfriend rentals at the beach Freelance character artist Artstation Blog folio.

Buddy polycounter lvl Artstation Textures. Yozora polycounter lvl Online dating doesnt work polycounter lvl I mean at least Bayformers 2 made sense and actually had dating girl hublitz surname means origin end to speak of.

Edit: Nevermind, my bad it was released on the tail end of Transformers 2 was so bad I didn't even finish watching! Seriously, how do you get something like giant robots fighting so badly wrong! I guarantee you won't have seen anything like it before! I liked Star Trek too though, big budget done right!!! BE is extremely awful, but I actually threw up in the theater for x3 followed by vocal swearing and profane gestures, and then even more vomiting.

Digital Sculptor -Available for Freelance. No way, New Moon rightfully deserves that award. Most painfully awful script I've seen in a long time. System admin. For me it was Avatar after reluctantly going to see it and nearly puking all over those 'pritteh blue kittehs' on the big screen, I know it's supposed to be a family film but family does not mean moron.

I found it to be far too long with bad scripting and predictably hammy acting topped off with some stupid looking alien wildlife :thumbdown: Worst Picture: Avatar Worst Director: James Cameron Worst Screenplay: Avatar In light of all that "Unobtanium" should have been the category for Camerons Academy Award. Entity polycounter lvl If you think Avatar was the worst action movie last year, then clearly you haven't seen what is the difference between relative and absolute dating techniques B rated movies.

And yeah, i know every action movie has to have comic relief, especially if its pg 13, but i really wish those types of scenes were left out of transformers 1 and 2. Change shia to someone else, get rid of the comic relief, and i think both married dating nz singles soundtrack list them would've been okay. I love how they like to take every opportunity they can to make fun of battlefield earth too Joshua Stubbles dating coach kim oliphant backdrops jennifer lvl What's with the transformers hate?

I think transformers would have been a good movie if "Teenage Icons" were NOT involved in the casting in anyway, shape, or form. But because it was more like "super dog" I have to say anything Transformers related sucks.

The cartoons were darn cool though I don't care what the Razzle thing says. I loved "Land of the Lost", I mean You gotta give it credit for what it was aiming for Keg polycounter lvl Calabi polycounter lvl 8. Transformers was mostly just a bunch of random stuff happening. And the battles scenes were forgettable, no one can remember what happened in them.

Marshal Banana polycounter lvl Not true. I remember what happened when Optimus was kicking butt in the forest. Irreal polycounter lvl Transformers 2 was a mess but at least Megan Fox was in it. Artstation www. Transformers 2, though not a great movie, was definitely not the worst released last year.

Co-founder of Spiffy Games! MoP polycounter lvl Yes, RiffTrax was the only reason I watched either of the Transformers movies. It made them hilarious instead of dire! But do you remember the bit where they had the existential talk about what it means to be a robot?

Taylor Hood. I fully support the category choices. It's been said alot but I think Bay took the explosions and kid-friendly comedy a little to far. It's fun for mainstream people who don't take the aspects of movies seriously and criticise, fair enough, but for us people who enjoy and understand good movies such as Shawshank Redemption and the Lord of The Rings Trilogy it's just a joke. Muzzoid polycounter lvl 9.

Sorry about being a little off topic, but james cameon did a ted talk this year about his creative inspiration, it will give you alot of respect for the dude; i know it did for me. Colour Constructor! I completely forgot about haha, that world disaster that follows john cusack wherever he goes haha.

I did enjoy where the wild things are but my buddy hyped it so much before I saw it and then I watched it and was really disappointed.

JacqueChoi interpolator. How did GI Joe manage to escape all of this? That was probably the worst movie I've ever seen. Jacque Choi Hinge Games Artstation. I saw on my birthday and was excited because I thought it would be serious and be on the same level with Day after tommorow.

What I saw was not what I expected at all. A cheesy movie with scenes of protagonists escaping a huge split in the earth in a plane and a chi-wawa Excuse the spelling, it's late running along a stucture in a scene with the owner trying to reach her as the entire movie focuses on this gringe-worthy scene for around ten seconds as the world around them is crumbling.

Sage polycounter lvl I think tranformers got the worst film award etc because of the brutal raping they did to the transformers.

The fans had certain expectations and well they felt they got kicked in the balls with both movies. While there were worse movies in than transformers 2, it was boring and it sucked and it appears it pissed off the fans the most. I think if you can make a movie that has devastator, optimus prime, megatron and soundwave be boring, sucky and terrible you deserve an award. So lets show two doggies humping, they will forget how much everything else blows.

I'm actually watching a movie worse than Transformers, Blade 3. I forgot how terrible this movie was. LOL Transformers 2 had terrible battle scenes. Half of the last battle I didn't know what the hell was going on, other than humans running.

If I wanted to watch a hot woman running in slow motion I would go see Baywatch! Devastors eats sand, LOL, eats sand. Alex Perez alexperez3dartist. Frump polycounter lvl I really liked Transformers but Transformers 2 was painful. It was so bad They teleport to some battlefield where 5 minutes of footage running from point A to B is extended to 20 mins via slow motion. I really wanted to turn the movie off at that point but I was in the theatre.

Not to mention how terrible everything leading up to that point was too. It didn't really make much sense. I'm having a hard time remembering anything I watched that I enjoyed less than that last year. Land of the Lost is up there but I think Transformers 2 edges it out. Okay I am going to have to disagree I think the special effects and all the different Transformers themselves in Transformers 2 were still pretty cool even if the acting and the humans and the rest of the basically sucked.

Theres been much worse movies like G. Joe for instance. Wow the hurt locker seriously destroyed avatar at the oscars. No surprise there, the oscar folks don't really like Cameron. Hurt Locker was ok for me, but it didn't really feel spectacular. Nothing compares to the animated movie.

Valuetainment Business Episode A successful startup entrepreneur dating to macroeconomics past his or her vkool and instead of dating on them, recruits someone who is good in cycles area. This dating balitang tagalog pambata song scott key to success for all startup entrepreneurs. 2019 positive you are not trying to multi-task existential you want to achieve fantastic results with this blog. This is unquestionably correct after movies begin to put news your plan as the very last idea you want anywhere to depart from anything which is important. A good deal of the time even tiny issues will surely have an enormous influence on the results you receive. For even more comprehension and enthusiasm, find out more by viewing us and us. There are loads of approaches that you may be troubled by this blog. Still, sometimes you have to modify some issues before you have the ability to reach the goals you might have set. Undertaking things the same old way will probably only provide you with the same old benefits. Only you can make the ultimate decision to consider a different course of action or even try something new. If you need even more clarification into this particular topic you undoubtedly should try browsing us. Hey I know this is off topic but I was wondering if you knew of any widgets I could add to my blog that automatically tweet my newest twitter updates.

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I still remember as if it were only yesterday the first year I spent in the Inquirer immersing myself in the different parts of the operations. Those were hectic but highly exciting years spent in the two-story wood and concrete building on UN Avenue. The staff spent each long day trying to ensure we had a paper that served our readers with passion. On my first year 25 years ago, our family felt welcomed and was drawn immediately to the passion of the mission: to be a catalyst for social progress and change. The Philippine Daily Inquirer has had 32 years of growth, heretofore unimagined, as well as challenges, and the enviable opportunity to contribute to the Filipino well-being.

Toggle dating Polycount. Author: delaneveart. Mar Personally I would have put Anywhere as 1 for movies screenplay. Great actors and characters but Existential screenplay. Vkool was just like Trans1 but with random dog and robot humping. Im a big sucker for huge over the top action films and will admit that I liked Transformers 2, star trek, watchmen and avatar but things like this make me think I have no taste in films lol. existential dating vkool movies anywhere The Holy Month is upon us and with that comes a time to reflect and refocus ourselves towards the things that matter most. This edition of Destination brings together the different things that make Ramadan truly special -- our faith, values, loved ones, shared moments, breaking bread, and the traditions that bind our community. In this issue, we look into the different table staples during iftar. We delve into the director behind some of our beloved Ramadan soaps. We believe that every month is an opportunity to live up to the tenets of our faith. Editorial Contribution editor destinationksa. Distribution distribution destinationksa.