Unpacking the Love Affair Between the LGBTQ Community and Design

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Professionally and personally. Hear the habits you should cut out of your social media life as well as some tricky things to avoid that we find ourselves guilty of as well! But is something holding you back from getting to the top? We are Think Tank of 3. Dating cafe hku mba gmat study plan women from different backgrounds coming together to empower, support, and encourage other women professionally and personally.

One of the first things What girl was adam lambert dating do when I work senior dating agency malta a new client is look at their online brand; their social media accounts. What does their digital footprint look like? And today, Julie, Audrea, and I are going to highlight three really important things you could be doing wrong online right now while trying to attract people personally and professionally.

This is going to be a big help for you. All right. Number one the first one talk about is negativity. Audrea do you want to take that one? So I think this is a really important thing to discuss when talking about what your professional online persona is. Dang it. Why does it keep raining? Just when you said happens to them; I think for our audience I just want to mention something that came into my life recently someone mentioned this that they like to say to their teams at work.

They happen for you. And this is really cheesy to some people at home. But something is happening for you. First of all your bosses probably go see that. So why are you putting it out there? Let me help you. We talked you know last week about your tribe.

You know reach out to your tribe directly. No, reach out to that person or or you know a therapist or you know someone who can help you in a very positive way. Because what happens? What happens with that negativity?

People cute dating profile headlines for females it out. So you know you really need to turn that around. I love a healthy debate. Anyone who knows me knows that right? It just makes you look negative. It makes you look catty.

But he was saying just really awful things about women and it was on Facebook I really got sucked in. I found myself an hour later. Like why am I doing this in the middle of the day? You know. China dating apps tantan momo drama pakistani it was just like why do we need to do that? But I got sucked in. But anyway neither here nor there.

Fine but do it in a way that is supportive and uplifting for your mission. Especially not on like Facebook on LinkedIn. The other thing that I think is really damaging is when you argue with your customers or complain with your customers.

And I am such a victim of this. You know I work with attorneys day in and day out. I love my attorneys I love working the law firm.

Am I right? Like all it takes is one bad day for me to be like every lawyer ever is killing me. It is so uneffective and it hurts my brand. I work with lawyers day in and day out. I am really good at working with attorneys and I find them really valuable and everyone has a bad day. But you know the world does not need to know I had a super catty moment.

Very few businesses you know every once in a while we get a tongue in cheek moment where business brands do this really well. Like recently when I hop changed its brands right. So that is an example but how often does that actually happen when it real when it works out right? Someone made a comment. Her response was that he would show engagement.

But if he started to disagree he was so good at saying I think we just disagree on this and other people that he would argue with would start to bash him and it was so shocking to me every time I read read it no he was kind of a polarizing figure so I get why people would be upset with him.

And this is your brand right like this is your professional space. I acknowledge that they have these feelings. So because I know that these brands especially utilities airlines they are monitoring Twitter so I know that I can get a hold of them faster that way than by calling a 1 number. But I try to be very like I will write.

I know there was terrible weather delays just checking on X Y and Z. If we sort of slide this over into the personal, Kathryn right? Like how you present yourself in a personal stance not just your your public persona as well.

So I thought maybe to talk a little bit about that. But she gave advice about writing very positively in your online dating profile. You have a ton of baggage which we all have baggage. We all have drama. So being positive; like her advice was literally you know because she was giving me advice when I was in my 30s and she said Right. Right at the top. I like to laugh. I like to have a good time.

I wanted a serious guy who I could have a serious relationship with. Who wants a marriage. Who wants a house and possibly children someday. Oh it was really really great advice. Because we need to turn that around and at the same time too I feel like there could often be this sense of false positivity if you want to call it that.

I mean how many people do we see that lift themselves up and putting others down. So we really have to avoid that too. I think this actually segues really nice Julie into that seconds thing to stop doing online which is sort of like focusing on the wrong type of appearance. One of the things is making sure that that matches your brand. It looks the same across all platforms so when someone Googles you they look you up.

She is blonde. She is wearing a suit. I saw that on LinkedIn. You may be a super responsive person and still look like what I just described. But to that person that might not be their definition. But the reality is everything we wear conveys information about us. But so I think we need to you know look at it and you know you know our appearance describes how we feel about ourselves what we think about ourselves.

Are we taking time for ourselves are we well manicured, how are we conducting our acting, are we going to be like- Kathryn was saying do we come across as being serious if we have a serious business or serious topic. Whether it be friends on Facebook you know connections on LinkedIn and maybe some connections that may not reflect well on who you are.

Audrea you work with attorneys so and I know this comes up a lot. As far as who should we be connecting with and who should we you know are they in our inner circle or not. And sometimes it gives that appearance.

Can you talk about that a little bit? We all get a bunch of LinkedIn and and Facebook and and you know requests Twitter requests for connections all that stuff right. We get that. So a really good example is you know I work with attorneys and in a law firm and sometimes I purchase services right.

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