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Cordless cellular shades with stationary panels, all from Graber. By Amy Goetzman. Wonder Room Hilde Francq shares a trend filled with bright colors, whimsical shapes and playful designs. Offer your customers a whole new level of shade control — at home or on the go. To learn more about becoming a qualified Lutron Serena Times, e-mail info serenashades. Dating vietnam full disclosure lyrics suicide out these great Facebook pages from our regular contributors… and our own page as well!

Dating cafe abmeldung gezim zefi 2019 Shea, Blinds Unlimited. Window Fashion Vision magazine makes every attempt to credit each person involved in the process dating international sterling prelude candlesticks patterns 101 creating a window covering and will not be responsible for crediting any person whose name, company or participation did not surface during the informationgathering process.

Crediting disputes between parties other than Vision magazine are solved at the discretion of those involved. Visit our website at sugar. Periodicals class postage paid at St. Paul, Tuscaloosa and additional offices. Allow 60 days for dating old coke bottles change.

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Our shutter article page 22 talks about shutter trends and the energy efficiency that new them a smart choice for dating in warmer climates. They help insulate women on dating sites who prefer much older men home in winter, too. Shutters are a wonderful choice for a variety of climates, and have such a classic, elegant look. Motorization continues to grow into the lindsey bengelli houston tx dating site of window coverings.

Visit the show website iwce-vision. This issue is our annual Resource Directory—a guide to the best companies in the industry with the products and services they provide. We hope that this annual guide will be a helpful tool when researching suppliers. If you prefer to do your research online, please visit wf-vision. Companies update their. Visit wf-vision. Enjoy these long summer days and get ready for an action-packed fall season! With the Horizons Sample Book App, samples are always organized, never missing and always beautiful!

All of the product information contained in the printed Product Guide is also contained within the App! Although teen dating violence training nypd news design services account for only Join us for an evening of glamour as we honor the brightest stars in the window fashions community.

Please email megan wf-vision. Thank you to our customers for all your support. Officially Obsessed With I love telling stories through images, colors and materials. I mix up old and new ideas and combine them in unique ways.

As a result, each collection tells a whole new tale on its own and is in redneck a mini-concept with a unique atmosphere and vibe.

I believe the key to their success is that everything they do, up to every little detail, is in line with the concept and is beautiful and aesthetically done. I think the biggest challenge brands have today is how to translate their identity to products and services, and make them resonate with their audience.

Dries Van Noten This Rules dating american guy designer york stories through his collections. He inspires me time and time again. The antique Italian textile books in our archives are an endless source of inspiration to me.

They are filled with ideas and form a valuable treasure. The warm yet pure feeling of wood, paper, linen and also leather perfectly fits the nomad trends set by a lot of young designers. Here you see how the boundaries between indoor and outdoor are fading more and more. The Next Step for hen Springs Window Fashions announced earlier this year that it would acquire MechoSystems, one of the most recognized brands in commercial solar shades, many in the industry may have been surprised.

Springs, which includes the well-known Graber brand, has long grown through strategic acquisition. As simple drapery panels and valances became an increasingly popular choice for homeowners looking to dress and soften their windows, Springs brought DHF into the fold in as a provider of custom soft treatments.

Like Horizons, it was a family business, with considerable brand recognition, technical expertise and customer loyalty. Both MechoSystems and Horizons demonstrated the ability to grow and adapt to changing market demands. While Horizons developed to serve the independent home furnishings retailer, MechoSystems is known for its solar shading system solutions and innovations in the contract market along with strong relationships within the architectural community.

Window Fashion Vision had the opportunity to interview Scott Fawcett, the president and CEO of Springs, on what the recent MechoSystems acquisition means for customers of both companies, along with other issues and developments in the custom window treatment business. After Springs was acquired by Golden Gate Capital in earlythe company began a conversation Window Fashion Vision: Can you on strategic acquisiprovide more details tion that resulted into the MechoSyswith the Horizons tems purchase?

Window Fashions acquisition Scott Fawcett: I later that year. From our position in designer earliest conversanatural shades and tions we agreed that Scott Fawcett, the president and CEO roller shades.

So, a potential partnerof Springs Window Fashions. We approached our partnership from a customer perspective, as the goal is to provide solutions and support our customers however we can.

MechoSystems obviously brings tremendous architectural relationships to the table, along with technical expertise critical to the contract market. Springs can provide support with operating systems infrastructure and logistics, but for the most part we expect things to remain business as usual and capitalize on the strengths of each company.

Coordination will take place where and when we think our customers will benefit. SF: There are significant, long-term trends with enhanced building management systems, regarding lightand energy management. There must also be a balance between workplace comfort, productivity and the interaction between HVAC and lighting energy consumption. SF: Correct.

But I believe that the majority of residential customers do not have an understanding of how effective these systems can be. Right now there is more automation in your car than in an average home; but this trend is evolving quickly. Lighting, HVAC and security companies are engaging with more homeowners and companies like Nest, with its "next generation" thermostat and smoke alarms and the "works with Nest" partner program, to bring integrated systems into today's homes.

The adoption rate for home automation will continue to grow, which will create new demand for motorized window treatments. Graber Virtual Cord is a proprietary automated system for shades using radio technology from Somfy. WFV: So where does the window treatment industry fit with this trend? SF: Quite simply, everyone should be selling automated window treatment controls—you can double your sales without selling one more window covering.

Designers and dealers are already in the home, and have already established a relationship. If you attach a motor to every blind, you can build sales with relatively little extra effort. Costs will need to continue to come down for much wider-spread adoption, but I am confident they will.

The market for motorization options will continue to grow at an accelerated rate as consumers come to understand and appreciate what can be accomplished with automation. WFV: Besides automation, what do you think are some of the most significant trends that are impacting the sales and growth of window treatments?

SF: Energy will continue to be something consumers are mindful of, along with the issues of safety and security. In terms of product design, softer looks are trending and will continue to do so. The ideal window treatment is one that combines functional, beautiful, stylish materials with the ability to manage energy and light. How can Springs assist them?

SF: Their knowledge and their ability to provide guidance through a somewhat difficult purchasing process is critical to their success. Being trend right with products is important.

As technology shifts, independent window treatment retailers need to embrace technology in the digital age and become compatible with digital tools. But that said, simplification is key to reaching an over-busy, overwhelmed consumer. All it takes is a little reverse engineering. Start With the Answers First, sit down with a piece of paper and pen and create three columns. I want you to think about clients you love: What do they have in common? In the first column, write a list of those common traits and characteristics.

In the second column, write the opposite of those characteristics. Test makers reverse engineer questions to uncover specific traits about you. And they do it in a way that is not obvious so they have a better chance of eliciting an honest response from you. Here are some examples to get you started.

This is one of my very favorite questions to uncover how much a person values designers. If you do nothing else, ask every single prospective client that question in your first conversation. Conversely, what actions do people who value design take? Maybe they shop at certain stores, buy particular products, or hire specific professionals. So you could include questions in your questionnaire or inquiry form about what types of brands inspire them, or more specifically, what brands are in their closet or living room?

What are their favorite stores to shop at? What other professionals have they hired?


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Cordless cellular shades with stationary panels, all from Graber. By Amy Goetzman. Wonder Room Hilde Francq shares a trend filled with bright colors, whimsical shapes and playful designs. Offer your customers a whole new level of shade control — at home or on the go. To learn more about becoming a qualified Lutron Serena Provider, e-mail info serenashades. dating in tuscaloosa redneck blinds window Trae Crowder, a comedian from Tennessee, has captured the public's attention with his series of "Liberal Redneck" videos. His rants typically earn millions of views on Facebook, and have transformed Crowder into an internet star. Courtesy photo. He looks directly into the camera, venting in rapid-fire style. His gaze is intense; his language is raw; his comments are incendiary and funny.