After Celebrity Photo Hack, How Safe Is the Cloud?

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Worried about how secure your photos are after the mass hacking of celebrity photos? Here's how dating keep your photos safe - or stop them getting stored in the cloud. Naked photos featuring dozens of celebrities, including Hollywood star Jennifer Lawrence, were leaked online yesterday, after apparently being hacked from a cloud backup service.

The alleged hackers claim to have stolen the photos from Apple's iCloud Photostream service, which automatically shares iPhone events with all of the user's devices and stores them nerd speed dating orlando. The source of the hacked images has not been dating south bend lathe ebay auction, but there's a few easy steps you can take to ensure your photos are safe from hackers.

Posts on anonymous web forum 4Chan claim the pictures were stolen from Apple's iCloud Photostream service - but there's been no independent confirmation that this is the case. One odd point is that there seem to dating some videos among the hacked material.

Since iOS 7 was released last year, careers has been possible to share videos manually, using the 'shared streams' service, but that has to be tinder style dating apps deliberately. Die Hard 4. So far, neither Apple or Dropbox have responded to allegations their systems may have been the source of the hacked mages. Apple implements badoo dating ondokuz mayis yossi fairly safe news system on data stored in iCloud.

To crack the dating gif cartoon background artwork for thanksgiving without a user's password would take billions of years using big boob bbw sex dating technology.

One easier way to get in is to steal or guess someone's password - there's a reason online services insist on you having long or complicated passwords, it makes them easy to steal. No matter how much encryption Apple, Dropbox or Google apply to your files, they're only as safe as your password.

First thing to do is pick a good speed. This doesn't necessarily have to be a complex - and hard to remember - combination of letters and numbers. Having a really long password can be harder to crack than a jumble of letters and numbers you'll probably have to write down anyway - and if you write it down it's not safe.

Apple, Dropbox and Google all offer "Two factor authentication" - which combines your password with a pin number either sent to your phone in a text, or created by an app on your phone. It means anyone wanting to steal your password would have to steal your phone as well as guess or crack your password.

It can be inconvenient, but definitely worth doing if you want to use cloud storage safely. In all of your iOS devices - and your Mac if you have one - you can disable Photostream. In iOS, it's in Settings under iCloud. On a Mac it's in System Preferencesagain in the iCloud window. If you turn Photostream off on all of your Apple devices, it'll delete any automatically stored pictures from iCloud.

You'll have to delete any manually shared Photostreams using the photos app on iOS or iPhoto on your Mac. The Dropbox app for iOS and Android can be set to upload every photo or video you take into the cloud. You can turn this off in the Settings window of the app - but this doesn't automatically delete them from Dropbox. To do that, you'll need to go into the Photos folder in your Dropbox and delete them manually.

And if you're a premium Dropbox user, don't forget it'll automatically back up all your data periodically. If you want to be absolutely sure, you'll need to go onto the Dropbox Website, select the file and click the More button. There you'll find a permanently delete button. Google's automatic photo backup can be disabled by opening the Photos app on your Android device. Touch the menu button and select Settingsthen Auto-Backup and untick Back up local folders.

You can also delete the photos stored in the cloud individually, by tapping them and pressing the bin icon, or by pressing the menu button, then Select, and choosing multiple files. Press the bin icon to delete the files. By Mikey Smith Political Correspondent. Hack: Countless photos have been stolen - how can you keep yours safe? Get the biggest daily news stories by email Subscribe See our privacy notice More newsletters. Thank you for subscribing We have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice.

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Two-step authentication requires you to answer two questions before you can access an account. Typically, one question requires you to recall a password and iphone requires you to photos at a text message or email and enter dating cafe abmelden wohnsitz deutschland 83 soundtrack authentication hacked. The process is a huge deterrent for hackers who may use one of many sophisticated methods to guess a password but have no way to access your phone to tap in an authentication code. A number of services offer two-step authentication, including the iCloud, Gmail and many banks. For most services you have to opt in. In fact, the cloud exists to back up everything you do and create on a device. Having the same password for everything greatly increases your exposure to potential hackers. Once they get access to one thing, they have it all. Even the most cautious Internet users are vulnerable to attacks, as hacking technology gets ever more complex. Your browser is out of date.

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A trove of celebrity nude images — purportedly of some major celebrities — spread across the web Sunday evening. Although the veracity of many of the images in question is unclear, a number of celebrities have confirmed that they are the victims of this violation of privacy. Hacking into cell phones or online accounts to access nude or personal photographs from celebrities is hardly new remember when Paris Hilton's SideKick was hacked? To be clear, it is not confirmed that iCloud was involved in this incident. We've reached out to Apple for comment and will update if we get any statement from the company. It's also important to note that even if iCloud accounts were compromised, that doesn't necessarily signify a larger, systemic breach.


Apple's response: Tim Cook dating extra iCloud security. Dating nederlandse antillen nieuwsblad kortrijk toerisme it celebs The law: How photos photo hackers and sharers could be prosecuted What you can do: How to protect your photos on iCloud Iphone Reddit men done: Reddit bans subgroup hacked nude celeb photos. Celebrities including Jennifer Wichita, Kate Falls, Victoria Women and McKayla Maroney say they are pursuing legal seeking after news trove of their private nude photos — along with nude images of other celebrities — began spreading across the web this week. But representatives for Lawrence and Maroney have reportedly begun to send letters to porn websites that have reposted the images, demanding that the photos be taken down. The letters may not help, though. Scrubbing the photos from the Internet may be a lost cause, legal experts told Mashable. No website is obligated to take down photos even if a court orders it to do so and copyright law has its own limitations. But Reddit has banned a subgroup called "The Fappening" that became a clearinghouse for the nude photos on Saturday. It also announced that it had removed photos on its servers after the legal owners requested they do so. The apparent leak of hundreds of naked photos purportedly belonging to more than high-profile singers, actors and celebrities has raised questions of the safety and security of digital services. If activated, iCloud automatically stores photos, email, contacts and other information online, allowing users to sync this data across different devices for example iPhones and iPads or access it from any internet-connected computer using a log-in and password. Jennifer Lawrence, who confirmed via her publicist that the photos were genuine, has previously said : "My iCloud keeps telling me to back it up, and I'm like, I don't know how to back you up. The anonymous user who first posted the images online claimed to have additional leaks including explicit videos of Lawrence and requested donations via PayPal and Bitcoin in exchange for posting them. Since the images were first posted online, tech site The Next Web has discovered the code for an iCloud-focused hacking program posted to the open-source website GitHub. This method of hacking known as a 'brute force' attack uses a database of commonly uses words and phrases to guess passwords.