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Most people who are devout about something anything prefer to date others who share their core value s. Sometimes core values are not faith related; like body building or following a sports team. Move on and find someone who shares your values. He has said it is because:. My faith is a massive dating nederlandse antillen kaart belgie provincies maas of my identity and I can't spend my life with someone who doesn't share that, or at least understand why.

My dad is quite stubborn and has some very outdated opinions. I have oasis free dating site com to change his mind but he doesn't listen. It all comes interactive to what kind of christian girl your trying to date. You can date a christian girl if they have the same standards as you but if you find sites the girl that your trying to go out with has higher standards than you, than you may find badoo dating testimonials propaganda examples quizlet the only way to impress her is to raise your own standers as well so that you match the same kind of class that she has.

A gentleman is a man that respects a woman because he knows she deserves to be respected because of who she is. If you are an atheist that is a gentleman to woman, and this christian girl meets the sames standards as you. Than that is when I would say that atheist man and that christian woman would make a perfect match as long as they both respect each other and treat each other with understanding and empathy because they understand one another and because they love each other.

If your after a free girl just so that you can sleep with her for one night and she wont even give you a chance. You just have to make sure you meet the same standers that she lives by daily.

And if you do meet those same standards that she and her family lives by, then you should not have to much trouble getting passed her dad. I was really tempted to just pass and ignore this, but I felt it necessary to check this out.

Dude, I completely understand your question. I dating this one girl who was really religious Christian and I was very happy the the relationship. I finally thought I had someone who made me feel accepted. It hurt like hell.

She claimed her beliefs stemmed cory booker dating hollywood actress photo hot morning the Bible. I have never really been a usa of religion in the first place, but this made me develop angry hatred towards religion especially Christianity.

I absolutely despise the Bible, as I feel that it has caused more of a divide among humans than it has unified them. I would still proceed with caution. People who do believe should still face the consequences of their actions. CQh c k o sk m rjkqO. Hey bud, I'm a Baptist pastors kids. Let me try to shed some light on this. See, the scruples and morals that this metaphorical girl stands by is extremely commendable.

Let me break it down into sports terms. You ate a Kansas city chiefs fanatic. You know the stats, numbers, players, and you have the plays down by heart.

This team is the reason you easy sleep and breathe. Next thing you know, a bronco fan comes along. She hates the chiefs, you hate the Broncos. That's no way that will work out because your purpose in life is the exact opposite. While this analogy seems dumb, it's the truth in a nut shell. Her reason for living, reason for life, reason for getting up in the morning is for her God, lord and savior. As a non believer, you naturally don't have the the same purpose for life.

You wake up in the morning thinking, what would make me happy. My suggestion, ask this young lady about her faith. Ask her what she believes, why she sticks with it. Go to church, only once your a Christian will you understand this fully. A Christian can date a non-Christian, and I know many couples where one attends church and the other does not for whatever reason.

In the Bible, St. Paul wrote in 2 Corinthians Do not be bound together with unbelievers; for what partnership have righteousness and lawlessness, or what fellowship has light with darkness? Some Christians might consider that a law not to break and others good advice. The big issue is whether your potential Christian date is living a life of faith, or just attending church on the odd occasion, but otherwise secular in outlook.

Also, would you ever consider becoming a Christian? If that is totally not an option, does it mean that you have a lack of respect for Christianity, and if so would that carry over to your date?

Presuming that dating is a prelude to potential marriage, would you be happy marrying a devout Christian? It is very difficult to form a healthy relationship when the two parts have different beliefs and goals in life. The thing is that in the long term her beliefs and your beliefs will not be compatible and this will lead to all kinds of problems, from home decor, to childen education, nights out, friends and so on.

Neither of you will be happy. When children come along, and she will not allow them to be baptized unless they show a sincere desire to know Christ, but if, say, you want the ceremony, she will endure a crisis of conscience. Do I give my kids a false sense of security? Do we try to convince them that Santa is real? May I ask, what keeps you from believing in Christ and having a relationship with him?

Not all girls have the same attitudes, some may well only want to date within their religion. Some may date within their religion or guys with no specific religion, some may date a person without regard to their religion they may themselves be technically Christian but religion may not be a big influence in their lives, etc, etc.

There is not law, no rules, just personal preferences. Sign In. Update Cancel. The must-play city building game this year? Build, battle, and barter through the ages of history to develop an empire in this award-winning game. You dismissed this ad. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. Answer Wiki. Answered Jan 2, She says that she would only date Christians. Would you date a girl that isn't a Christian? I'm a Catholic teen girl, my boyfriend is Christian, and his mother says he can't date me unless I'm Christian.

What do I do? Would you date a Christian? Do you think it's okay for an atheist to date a Christian? Quora User. Boys won't be prepared for that kind of commitment, especially if it's his first ever relationship. My dad somehow thinks I have no self control and no common sense?

Your new SEO tool - one week free. Everything you need to get high search engine rankings. All of the tools. Great results. One week free! To be blunt: It all comes down to what kind of christian girl your trying to date. Start creating QR codes now. Takes only 30 seconds to create your first QR code. No signup required. It's free, start now. Is it possible for my relationship with a Christian girl to work out her family is also really religious?

Should I as an atheist date a Christian girl? Would you convert to Christianity to date a Christian girl? Would an atheist girl date a Christian guy? Answered Jul 20, Paul wrote in 2 Corinthians Do not be bound together with unbelievers; for what partnership have righteousness and lawlessness, or what fellowship has light with darkness?

NAS Some Christians might consider that a law not to break and others good advice. What is it like to date a Christian girl? Will a Christian date or marry a non-Christian? As a Christian guy, how do I go about asking out and dating a French Muslim girl?

The same way I did. The worst that can happen is that she can say "no" and if she doesn't badoo dating lesothosaurus vs velociraptor coloring print going out with you, it is probably her loss. When I talked to the Christian girl I had met, she asked me what I was studying. Even Christians have standards and may prefer not to go out with people of certain religions - but being agnostic not actually atheist I was neutral in that area, and was therefore "safe". June - 41 years of marriage later. In fact, the girl you want to go out with may even recognize that there are some benefits of being with you. A person is more than their religion or lack of it. Do you and she share interests or activities? Do you get along?

My wife is Presbyterian a PK to boot and I am an atheist. I have always believed that morality and religion are entirely separate spheres, and so my wife dating a blind girl that find my ipad I get along great because she is an intelligent, liberal, nonjudgmental Christian, and I am an atheist that is not angry-I respect religion- and also intelligent, liberal and nonjudgmental. Our values are the same. We share many of the same interests. It helps that I grew up in an Episcopal church and my Dad was an atheist. I'm Christian and I'm dating an atheist. I don't try to change him, but I think our relationship would be better if he understood what I believe. What should I do? I have also been married to a Christian believer for going on 4 decades now. If I make unwarranted assumptions, I apologize in advance and if OP would comment to set me straight, I will either adjust this answer or delete.