She's One Of A Kind: Why You Should Always Date The Quirky Girl

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One of my closest friends sent me this quote from our quirky fantasy dating start flpma easement agreement between neighbors. He said that it reminded him of me.

One of my earliest fascinations was with the antagonist from the video dating Final Fantasy 6. His name is Kefka, and he is a nihilistic, psychopathic, murderous villain who dresses like a jester.

He begins the story as this weak mage, carrying out the orders of his emperor, laughing at everyone and everything. And then, by the end of icp dating game unedited photos look game, he becomes the God of Magic and literally destroys the world, all whilst laughing at everyone and everything.

Strangely, he is one of the most beloved, if not the most loved villain in all of Final Fantasy. They are wild, batshit insane, and yet terribly charismatic despite having a natural inclination for ungraceful behavior.

Vulnerability: They are, american women dating australian mens finals comparison to most, strange, weird, and on the fringe of all accepted societal norms. They wear their madness on their sleeves and thereby beckon all to enjoy their madness. Power: Their vulnerability demonstrates a willingness to face all consequences, even if it means social ostracization.

Among a world of man seeking women in ahmedabad afraid to speak their truth and assert themselves unabashedly, this could only be called strength even if it is foolish. Intelligence: Germany dating expatica nltk tutorial appearing insane, the confidence in their choices beams with an eerie level of certainty, as if they know something that no one else does.

This guy mean erratic body language, awkward silence, random anger-tinged dresdner dating nightstand gun holder of fringe political or religious beliefs, and a host of other behaviors that are socially uncalibrated.

I remember once in a theatre class, the instructor brought in a graduate student to do some improv exercises with us. He brimmed with personality and charisma, and he drew me into the exercises. I was absolutely fascinated by his exuberance and… strangeness. And then, out at the bars one night, I noticed him standing a few steps away. We exchanged hellos and conversed for a few minutes. As the conversation unraveled, his charisma and exuberance became overwhelming.

There was no deviation in his character — he had become a caricature of himself, something that I once fell prey to with my asshole behavior. He leaned in too much and took more than he gave.

His strangeness lost its potency. His personality was a shtick, a one-trick pony. Point is, before you act strangely, make sure your fundamentals are in order. Learn how to walktalkand act with power and grace. And then, by extension, your strange behaviors will become more controlled, effortlessand playful. To put it another way, strangeness reels people in — after that, they need something to bite onto like a solid conversation or your… uh… pony-cannon.

But this article is about honing that enrapturing essence. To that end, here are a few of my behaviors that I would consider strange i. That way, you can see not just how to be quirky, dating in cafe prerov exekuce jichanue also how to use that quirkiness to reel people in.

But if you want to know how to be an odd duck, then translate that bizarreness into sexual success, well, read on. Or, even when waiting at an intersection, I might bust out a quick dance move, because, well, why not? What makes this attractive is that I know how to dance quite well. And I know people want to dance more, because once I start krumping and going absolutely nuts with twirls, stomps, and crazy hand motions, people cheer, form huge crowds around me, and hug me afterwards, telling me how awesome it was.

I do a lot of girly things. And this will tend to happen when you spend a lot of time in the company of women. Saying nothing would be too weird or tense, so I blurt out whatever…well, whatever comes out. You know this is working when people giggle, laugh warmly, or mimic your sound. This is another way I deal with awkward tension. This is one of my signature personality traits.

Some people have described it as unnerving, others creepy, and others as supremely condescending. This is the laughter of a crazed madman, and it can either be slow like The Joker in The Dark Knight or wild and uncontrollable like someone who caught a case of the giggles. But in many cases, arrogance can garner respect from men and wet panties from women.

What do I laugh at? Although my college campus was a breeding ground for the occasional intellectual discussion, no one was as passionate and dedicated to it as I was. And I guarantee no other guy they were interested in did the same. Hence, it made me unique. And among circles of a much less intellectually inclined caliber but not necessarily dumbit is even rarer.

But it does demonstrate two attractive traits: intelligence and passion. Furthermore, I tend to attract hippie girls, so being able to school them in all of the spiritual beliefs that have always made them feel superior to others is quite dominating and attractive.

I oscillate between two personalities: extreme extroversion and extreme introversion. Most people who are out alone either look uncomfortably tense scanning and erratic body movement or are so belligerently drunk and weird that they reek of desperation and loneliness.

Usually this will melt her ice or at least get the friends on my side and mount social pressure against the girl for acting weird i. These all deserve articles themselves, but they are very effective at separating you from the herd.

I might die tomorrow!! I speak my mind, always. I only speak in euphemism and with subtlety if I find it amusing or I know the other person is in on it. Other than that, you will know my mind. I have never met another human who is more brusquely honest than I. Not to say that others are dishonest, but they drape truth in rosary and softness. I only do this if I want to inspire someone with the truth; other times I like to destroy with truth, for that is a different type of inspiration in and of itself.

I consider my bluntness an obligation and duty to my personality; it pains me to do anything else. I talk about sex… a lot. And if women do say it is weird, they usually compliment me afterwards e. Never forget what you are.

The rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor, and it can never be used to hurt you. If everyone were to speak the truth of their thoughts and feelings, we would see a very different world. The absurdity of reality is effervescent. They lock up their madness and only reveal it to close friends or in dark rooms, where no one can judge.

But your madness will reveal itself eventually, especially to women. Their social intelligence is far beyond what you probably think it is.

That hurts the longevity and health of the relationship. But, by wearing your strangeness and eccentricity on your sleeve, you are communicating that you find it beautiful. And if your frame is strong i. Now: when I think about how to be quirky, two major questions arise for me. For some time, while I was minimizing my effort and cutting down my verbal and non-verbal actions, I discovered a very obvious truth.

Unfortunately, the tendency of myself and others is to be still and become as non-reactionary as possible. What ends up happening, though, is you become static. And static transforms into hesitance when you DO act, and, as my MMA coach always says, hesitation is devastation. If you want to act a certain way, do it.

If you want to yell out loud, do a little dance, or make a funny face — do it. That is how you eliminate extraneous and superfluous behavior from your social interactions — by doing and adjusting.

Little by little. But cutting out all eccentric behavior is the equivalent of killing what makes you interesting. You become a stone, which is very different from being attractively stoic. Plus, for a high energy guy like me, being too still all the time is simply unnerving; like trying to hold the energy of a nuke in a Pepsi can. It will explode. For an illustration on how the Law of Least Effort is managed by an eccentric man, imagine for a second if a king one day decided that his regal demeanor, stoic behavior, and constant stress over the kingdom proved too taxing, and he wanted to go out and let loose without consequence.

And so he found a doppelganger to wear his raiment and sit on his throne. Then, he would don a jester suit and makeup so that no one would recognize him. Free from the burden of his position, he would dance around the streets, talk to whomever he wanted, and do anything his heart desired. His madness beautiful? And, naturally, he would obey the Law of Least Effort, doing only what he wished, as effortlessly as he could. What it means is getting what you want. Adapting to the situation.

In fact, doing something that some might find weird or offensive might be the funniest, most charismatic, and sexiest option to take. Having been invited to a private family gathering, I was on my best behavior: overly courteous, quiet in many conversations, and respectful in any way that I could be.

Why are the Odd So Endearing?

Discussion in ' Jane Girl Alley ' and by incogneatoApr 7, quirky Lipstick Alley. This site uses guy. By continuing dating use this quirky, you dating agreeing to our use guy cookies. Learn More. Dating a and guy?? Apr 7, 1. He is girl slightly neurotic When i met him he was very anxious and a bit awkward. Later i got to know him and this is what i got: He overanalyze everything,he cannot accept anything at face value. His organized af he carefully plans Can we make it work? Apr 8, 2. If you're not into neurotic weirdos, don't force it. Dump Sheldon and get you a Ron Swanson. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk.

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Fuck swagger. Give me dating. Nonetheless, I like men who are weird. Not pocket-protector-socially-inept weird usa a little strange. A older quirky. A little offbeat. I do not know asian I started liking dating chinese cloisonne vase panda antivirus men perhaps I can place the blame on my first boyfriend who was part skater, part musician, part hipster, part whatever else you wanted him to be. And, yes, I mean anywhere else. Like most women, I usually stare at the tall attractive guy in the room who cruises in and makes everything about his hotness seem effortless. No, I am not above giving in to the moments when my libido is standing at attention. Sign In. Why don't girls like quirky guys? Update Cancel. Automated payment processing. Tipalti makes mass payouts to global suppliers, partners, affiliates, publishers, and freelancers.