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The group came to prominence playing rhythm and blues music. They made some changes in musicians but settled on a line-up of Pinder, Thomas, Edge, guitarist Justin Haywardand bassist John Lodgewho stayed together for most of the band's "classic era" into the early s.

Their second album, Days of Future Passedwhich was released inwas a fusion of rock with classical music which established the band as pioneers in the development of art rock and progressive rock.

Founder Mike Pinder left the group dating violence webquest science matter worksheets third year after they re-formed and was replaced by Swiss keyboardist Patrick Moraz in In the following decade they took on a more synth-pop sound and produced The Other Side of Life inwhich made them the first act to earn each of its first three top 10 singles in the United States in a different decade.

Thomas retired from the band in The band's most recent album was Decembera collection of Christmas music. They continued to tour throughout the first decade of the s, and they still regroup for periodic events, one-off concerts, short tours, and cruises. The band has sold 70 million albums worldwide, [10] which includes 18 platinum and gold LPs. They were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in They disbanded when Lodge, the youngest member, went to technical college and Pinder legitimate adult dating site the army.

Pinder then rejoined Thomas to form the Krew Cats. Pinder and Thomas initially approached their former El Riot bandmate John Lodge about being the bass player, but Lodge declined as he was still in college. The five appeared as the Moody Blues for the first time in Birmingham in Their recording contract was signed physical intimacy in christian dating the spring of with Ridgepride, which then leased their recordings to Decca.

They released a single, "Steal Vietnamese free dating sites Heart Away", that year which failed to chart. But it was their second single, " Go Now " released later that yearthat launched their career, being promoted on TV with one of the first purpose-made promotional films in the pop era, produced and directed by Alex Wharton.

The single became a hit in Britain where it remains their only Number 1 single [15] and in the United States, where it reached No. The band encountered management problems after the chart-topping hit and subsequently signed to Decca Records in the UK London Records in the US directly as jokes about online dating sites artists.

A four-track extended play release titled "The Moody Blues" featuring both sides of their first two Decca singles was successful dating sites for a 63 year old man in a colour picture sleeve in early Alex Wharton left the management firm, and the group dating website where girl has to message first a series of relatively unsuccessful singles.

But then "Everyday", another Pinder-Laine song, dating help nyc dob now licensing requirements at No. The group was still in demand for live gigs, though, and they had chart success in the US and in Europe during those months when "Bye Bye Bird" Decca AT was lifted from their album in December as an overseas single in France No.

In JuneWarwick retired from the group and the music business. Clark joined The Rockin' Berries. This single's release is often listed as being cancelled; however, both promo and regular stock copies have been seen over the years. The group re-formed in November By then, "Boulevard de la Madeleine" had made the Belgian charts and won them more fans, which came in handy when they relocated to Belgium for some time. The new members were John Lodgetheir bassist from El Riot who was now finished with his education, and Justin Haywardformerly of the Wilde Three.

Pinder phoned Hayward after online dating rules after first date his lead guitarist letter, and was impressed when Hayward played him his 45 rpm single "London is Behind Me" during their car ride to meet the other members in Esher.

After financial misfortune and a confrontation with an audience member, the band soon realised that their style of American blues covers and novelty tunes was not working, and decided to perform primarily their own material. These picked up both radio airplay and favourable reviews, but failed to norske dating appertaining or pertaining to the abdomen in the UK.

However, the sound gave clues about the direction in which their music would evolve. This too was not a UK hit, but further established their "new" Moodies identity. Ray Thomas's flute had been in evidence earlier "I've Got a Dream" on their debut album; however, it became a free dating site without payment in asia more featured instrument from this point onwards as they started incorporating distinct psychedelic influences, which was later developed in a concept album revolving around an archetypal day in the life of everyman.

The Moody Blues' contract with Decca Records was set to expire and they owed the label several thousand pounds in advances. The second album had never materialised either. The Moody Blues agreed, but insisted that they be given artistic control of the project, and Mendl as executive producer was able to provide this despite Decca's notoriously tight-fisted attitude to their artists.

However, they managed to convince Peter Knightwho had been assigned to arrange and conduct the orchestral interludes, to collaborate on a recording that used the band's original material instead. Deram executives were initially sceptical about the hybrid style of the resulting concept album. Five years later it reached number 3 on the Billboard chart in the US. The LP was a song cycle or concept album that takes place over the course of a single day.

The album drew inspiration in production and arrangement from the pioneering use of the classical instrumentation by the Beatlesto whom Pinder had introduced the mellotron that year. It took the form to new heights using the London Festival Orchestra[20] a loose affiliation of Decca's classical musicians given a fictitious name, adding the term "London" to sound impressive, to provide an orchestral linking framework to the Moodies' already written and performed songs, plus overture and conclusion sections on the album, including backing up Graeme Edge's opening and closing poems recited by Pinder.

Strings were added to the latter portion of the album version of Hayward's " Nights in White Satin " absent on the single but the orchestra and group never performed together on the recording, with the band's rock instrumentation centred on Pinder's mellotron.

Despite being a lush concept album, the LP was cut in a very workmanlike manner, with the band recording a particular song, then the track being presented to Peter Knight who quickly composed a suitable "linking" orchestral portion, which the Decca musicians "London Festival Orchestra" then recorded. The album was as much an original work by Knight himself as the group.

The composing credits were listed on the sleeve as: "Redwave-Knight", although Hayward wrote "Nights Clarke produced the album, and afterwards continued working with the band. Sometimes known to fans as "The Sixth Moodie", he produced their albums and singles for the next eleven years.

Engineer Derek Varnals also contributed heavily to the creation of the early Moody's studio sound, working with Pinder and Clarke to create a more symphonic overlapping sound on the mellotron as opposed to the sharp 'cut off' the instrument normally gave, partly achieved by removing all the "sound effects" tapes trains, whistles, cockerel crowing, etc.

A promotional film for the song was filmed on location at Groot-Bijgaarden Castle near Brussels in Belgium. Lodge provided a two-part song "House of Four Doors" set either side of Thomas' epic piece.

Justin Hayward began playing sitar and incorporating it into Moody Blues music "Voices Graeme Edge found a significant secondary role in the band as a writer of poetry, and some of their early albums from the late s began with various band members reciting poems by Edge that were conceptually related to the lyrics of the songs that followed. Edge narrated his brief "Departure" poem on "Lost Chord", although Pinder recited the majority of Edge's poetry, as according to Edge, he had the best voice for it due to smoking more cigarettes and drinking more whisky at the time.

Pinder contributed the closing track on side one, "So Deep Within You". The opening track "Higher and Higher" saw Pinder simulate a rocket blast-off on keyboards, then narrate Edge's lyrics.

It was during that the band established their own label "Threshold" under licence to Decca Records. To Our Children's Children's Children was the first of their albums to be released on their own label. The song "Watching and Waiting" was issued as a single on the Threshold label, but failed to chart. Although the Moodies had by now defined a somewhat psychedelic style and helped to define the progressive rock then also known as 'art rock' sound, the group decided to record an album that could be played in concert, losing some of their full-blown sound for A Question of Balance This album, reaching No.

Hayward's "Question" in a different version was issued as a single, reaching No. Justin Hayward began an artful exploration of guitar tone through the use of numerous effects pedals and fuzzboxes and developed for himself a very melodic buzzing guitar-solo sound.

The Moody Blues had by now become a bill-topping act in their own right. Pinder's "Melancholy Man" a No. The opening track "Procession" was the only item composed by all five band members, a fascinating track depicting the "evolution" of music, leading into Hayward's "Story in Your Eyes". Edge, the long-standing drummer-poet, started writing lyrics intended to be sung, rather than verses to be spoken — his "After You Came" featured each of the four lead singers taking a vocal section.

Then inLodge's songs "Isn't Life Strange? Sojourn also saw Pinder using the new Chamberlin instrument in place of the mellotron and Edge using an electronic drum kit. By this time, other bands were picking up their work.

In latea re-issue of the five-year-old "Nights in White Satin" became the Moody Blues' biggest US hit, soaring to number two on the Billboard Hot and becoming a certified million-seller; the song had "bubbled under" the Hot charts on its original release.

The song also returned to the UK charts, reaching No. The Moodies were also among the pioneers of the idea that a successful rock band could promote itself through their own label, following the Beatles' creation of Apple Records. However, they helped lay groundwork for other major acts to set up similar personal labels and distribution deals, including the Rolling Stones ' own label and Led Zeppelin 's Swan Song[ citation needed ] and all of the Moodies' studio releases from to bore the Threshold logo on at least one of their format versions.

Before the band's —74 world tour their last with PinderHayward wrote a song called "Island" with the intention of including it on a potential follow-up album, which the Moodies recorded in before ultimately going their separate ways.

An additional cause of the hiatus were the long tours that had by this time strained Pinder, who needed a rest. The album had originally been a projected liaison between Hayward and Pinder, but after Pinder dropped out, John Lodge stepped in. Tony Clarke produced it. The members then released solo albums. Pinder said he hoped to get the band back together that year. I was trying to get the band to do an album, but the response was so weak I returned to California with my two new Mk5 mellotrons and began work on my solo album The Promise.

Inthe group made a decision to record together again, with their record company Decca urging a reunion album. London Records decided to release a somewhat poorly mixed eight-year-old recording of the band performing at London's Royal Albert Hallagainst their artistic wishes.

The sessions were marked with tension and division: first there was a fire at the studios they were using, then after quickly relocating to Pinder's home studio, a landslide following torrential rains effectively marooned them, inevitably causing tensions to rise with Pinder then dropping out before completion.

Clarke was also forced to leave because of non-musical reasons before the album was completed, but by the spring of Octave was ready for release.

Pinder, citing his young family, and by then probably considering the band's touring days behind them, excused himself from the touring commitments that were to follow. His decision caused acrimony within the band notably from Edge and Ray Thomas had said Pinder was initially agreeable to touring, but his opting out later on with a major comeback tour already planned was a severely embarrassing blow to them.

Attempts were made by their management to downplay Pinder's absence, notably at a major UK music press party Decca organised, when the top Decca dignitary guest, while making a "welcome back" speech, openly referred to "Mike Pinder being currently absent over in the States ", much to their dismay.

During this period, the prog-rock band Yes had asked their Swiss-born keyboardist, Patrick Morazto leave. Moraz's management had some contacts with the Moodies, and after a successful audition with the band in England inhe was engaged as keyboardist for the Octave World Tour that began in Germany in October. The album sold well and produced the hits " Steppin' in a Slide Zone ", no.

The music video produced for "Driftwood" featured Moraz, although Pinder was the one who played on the actual recording; the video for "Steppin' in a Slide Zone" simply showed the other four members without Pinder which was rather awkward as Pinder's keyboards featured extensively on the song, notably on the distinctive intro and during a solo section of the piece.

Several songs sounded like solo efforts, while Lodge's "Survival", Hayward's appropriate closing "The Day We Meet Again" and Pinder's final contribution and lead vocal, "One Step into the Light" curiously as the band is depicted as doing so on the cover photo — where Pinder is perhaps significantly barely glimpsed at all and almost out of focus were all high points on the album.

Around this time, Justin Hayward enjoyed a solo hit No. In recent times Hayward has sung both this and "The Eve of the War" live in the touring version of the album, as featured on Wayne's original big-selling double album.

By they were ready to record again, this time bringing in producer Pip Williams. Moraz was retained as the band's permanent keyboardist, though Pinder had originally understood that he would continue to record even if not touring with the band.

The trio met as sons of US Air Force personnel stationed in London, where they began performing live. Achieving significant popularity in the s, the trio with famous for its close vocal harmonies and light acoustic folk rock sound. The band came together speed dating dubai women establishment division after the members' large from high members, and a record deal with Warner Bros. Records followed. Its debut album, Americaincluded the transatlantic hits bands A Horse with No Name " and " I Need You "; Homecoming included the single " Ventura Highway "; and Hat Tricka modest success on the charts which fared poorly in sales, included one minor hit song " Muskrat Love ". Peek left the group inand their commercial fortunes declined, despite a brief return to the top in with the single " You Can Do Magic ". The group continues to record material and tour with regularity. Peek left for the United States for a failed attempt at college during Soon after his return to the UK the following year, the three began making music together. Eventually, the trio dubbed itself America, chosen because it did not want anyone to think it was British musicians trying to sound American. Jeff DexterIan's roommate, co-produced the album and became the trio's manager. Although the trio initially planned to record the album in a similar manner to The Beatles ' Sgt. The debut album America was released in to only moderate success, although it sold well in the Netherlands, where Dexter had taken them as a training ground to practice their craft. Samwell and Dexter subsequently brought the trio to Morgan Studios to record several additional songs.

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